Pay Per Click Advertising in Bradenton, Sarasota Florida

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click (PPC) is sponsored online advertising that is used on search engines and other affiliated websites where the advertiser only pays if a web user clicks on their advertisement. 

        These ads will show when a customer’s search terms match pre-determined keywords that are related to your business.
Local Digital First will develop ad campaigns with an ad or multiple ads specifically targeted to your geographic area with specific keywords related to your products & services that your customers are searching for online.  This is a great way to advertise directly to individuals who are actively looking to purchase what your business is selling.  These ads can show details such as your business address and phone number within the ad as well as be shown to people searching on mobile and tablet devices.  This capability will only broaden the availability and visibility of your ads and chances these ads will produce a sale.

Benefits of Pay Per Click:
    •    Do not pay when an ad appears, only when it is clicked on.
    •    Different ad campaigns can be developed for different products, services, sales, discounts, events, etc.
    •    PPC ads appear above and to the right of organic search results.
    •    Customers can be directed to any page on your website when an ad is clicked allowing a more direct and efficient sales process.
    •    A daily budget will be established so you know just how much your spending each day and that budget can be adjusted at anytime.